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Our robots

The Robot Laboratory at the Department of Computer Science has been created during the year 2000 thanks to the generous grant of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of Lund University, that has provided us with resources for necessary equipment. In 2005 the laboratory has gratefully received a grant from Crafoord Foundation (Crafoordska stiftelsen) for refurbishing the lab.

The laboratory is located in the northern part of the E building, on the second floor. We use the rooms of former library, located in the vicinity of the glass passage. The room number is E:2111.

Currently the lab is equipped with one new Pioneer 3-DX mobile robot, two AIBO ERS-210 dogs, two AIBO ERS-7 dogs and four Khepera robots, with a number of extension turrets available (radio modems, linear cameras 64X1, custom-made sonar turret, video camera, grippers, general purpose I/O). We have four machines: asimov, capek, clarke and lem in the ludat network, running Linux. Below you may find some photos of our robots.

We have developed a piece of software that might be useful for calibrating the colour vision of AIBO robots: AiboColorStuff-0.91.tar.gz. There are a README (text), some documentation (PDF) and the full report (PDF) available. Enjoy using it and please send us comments and bux fixes.